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Eye Care Business - Last Look

March 24, 2023

Eye Care Business - Last Look

The EB Questionnaire Nwamaka Ngoddy, O.D.


Dr. Ngoddy, a first-generation Nigerian American born and raised in Atlanta, struggled to find frames that both fit her well and made a statement. This inspired her to pioneer Anwuli Eyewear, a line she launched in 2020 with Black and African facial features in mind.

“Starting Anwuli Eyewear despite the many hurdles that came up during the global pandemic has really helped me realize my dreams of leaving a legacy for my family and the optical industry,” she says.

Dr. Ngoddy, practitioner/owner of Eye Totally Care in metro Atlanta, will be a familiar face on the NOW by Vision Expo advisory committee this month in New York City—where she and other industry pros will present the inaugural NOW awards to innovative products.

Here, she dishes on value, vision, and more.

—Kerri Ann Raimo